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Be the Death of Me

This shows up fairly regularly as a search that led people here. I think I should change either the title or the subject matter, but I’m not sure which…


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When the Kids Go Home


Hmm, where to start with this…

I’m not happy with this photo — it was taken with the theme of ‘urban’ in mind, for a challenge that’s going on in work. It’s one of the first I’ve taken with my new 7D, and while I’m pretty happy with the quality of the shot, the composition leaves a lot to be desired! There was minimal post-processing; just some desaturation, curves, and white balance adjustment.

I think I’ll go back and try to reframe it; I’m undecided as to how to do it though. I’m not sure if getting the swing centered vertically will work or not… I was mostly concerned with getting more of the graffiti and less of the bin in the background! Guess I really should have shot it on the night, just to check.

Another lesson learned (or more accurately, reinforced): shoot first, delete later.

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New RSS gizmo

I’ve just changed my RSS feed thingy over to Feedburner. I don’t even know if anyone’s subscribed to this, but if you are, you might have to re-subscribe to the new one (on the right) —>

I’ll be honest, I’m putting this in so I can actually get an idea if anyone reads this blog 😀

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