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Wow, I’ve been busy as hell lately, and haven’t had the time nor the inclination to go taking photographs. Actually, that’s not true — the days are getting brighter, and I’m delighted to be able to go out and take some shots in the evening. However, work has kept me so exhausted that I just haven’t bothered. This has got to change.

It’s not been a total loss, though. A couple of weeks ago, myself and my friend Kev travelled to Bonn to visit our friend Toby. Toby’s a mate from years ago, when we were all foreign exchange students studying in Scotland. We got along great, and spent most of our three months over there drinking cheap, awful beer (8 cans of Carlsberg for £5 in the off license! Bottles of XXXX for £1 in the club!) and lusting after Scottish indie girls with their amazing accents.

Since leaving Scotland, I’d only seen Toby once — he visited Ireland while I was on J1 in Chicago, when I didn’t get a chance to see him, and he visited again last summer, when I did. That made two visits from him, while we’d never returned the favour. We considered the situation, and deemed it time to go to Germany.

The fact that Bonn is only half an hour or so away from Köln, and that it was Karneval, was a mere detail…

After a day in which we spent 14 hours drinking across various bars, restaurants, two apartments, and a street, we recovered by visiting the Haribo flagship store in Bonn. The thing is the size of Lidl, and full to the brim with sweets. I was actually paralysed by choice, and couldn’t decide what to get for a good half hour.

They have gummi Arnold Schwarzeneggers.

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Not the Best

I quite like this picture, originally uploaded by Landigan.

I’ve been a bit busy in the last few days, and haven’t had a chance yet to sort through my most recent photos. So today I’m going to cheat and post up an old photo (almost a year old, as a matter of fact) from my holiday in China last year.

To start with, there’s a lot wrong with this photo. It’s not particularly well composed and could do with a little post-processing. I still have a bit of a grá for it, and wish I could have had a bit more time to take it better. Still, I suppose that’s the problem with trying to take photos in real time.

This was taken on the Temple of Heaven grounds in Beijing last July, just before the Olympics started (you can see the Olympic banners hanging from the gatehouse). The two walkers are my friend Andy and Ling, a Hong Konger who travelled with us for a couple of weeks.

If you’re ever in Beijing, I highly recommend visiting this park — it’s beautiful, peaceful, and the technically-minded will be astounded by the mathematical precision that went into constructing pretty much every building in the park.

EDIT: Double-posted… thanks Flickr!

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