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Christ, I did not realise it’d been an entire month (give or take) since I last posted. The mortification…

Anyway, going through a bit of a drought lately. There’s been no sunshine worth taking the camera out in, and even if there had I’ve no idea what to go and shoot. Not good excuses, but there you go.

In the lack of anything else to point the camera at, I had a go at playing with shallow DOF and shooting a self-portrait. The photo isn’t very interesting but I played around with the post-processing to see what I could do.

More to follow, in less than a month (hopefully).

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Mutton Island

Mutton Island Causeway

It rained today, pretty much for the entire day. It’s still raining now. I guess it’s a bit of a wake-up call to remind us that yes, this is Ireland, and yes, the summer — such as it was — is almost over.

It feels like the weather is saying “Time to get back to business, fuckers.” Possibly, it’s cracking its knuckles at the time.

However, some vestiges of summer remain. For instance, it stopped raining quite so heavily for an hour or two, allowing me to get out of the house for a while and go for a stroll. I got wet, true, but not very wet.

With the wind blasting me in the face and that not-too-annoying misty sort of rain wafting about the sky, I decided it would be a grand day to walk out the Mutton Island Causeway. It made sense at the time.

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