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A Rainy Day in Dublin


So, it’s been quite a while. How are you? You’re looking well.

I should probably explain myself. This whole moving-to-Dublin, going-back-to-college thing has been an interesting experience. First among the things you learn in a Masters, I’ve discovered, is that there’s no such thing as free time — especially if you have a part-time job alongside your educational commitments.

Nonetheless, it’s been an enjoyable few months and I’m definitely enjoying the perks of living in Dublin (for instance).

There are downsides, and chief among these is lacking the time to get out with the camera. It’s a brand new city, nice and photogenic, and I haven’t been able to snap it as much as I’d like. Ach weil, I’ll be here for a while at any rate.

I did manage to get out for a mini photowalk on a Saturday afternoon a while back. Typical of anyone holding a camera, Orla was not happy to have the lens pointed at her instead.

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K and K

I was home at the weekend to see my new baby nephew (welcome to the family Leo!) and managed to get out in the garden for an hour or two on Sunday afternoon. The problem with new babies is the sudden lack of focus on the older siblings… cue jealousy, and even more attention seeking than usual.

Consequently, Katie was only delighted to visit Granny and Granddad this weekend, as it meant she had two uncles to play with her while Mammy and Daddy looked after her new baby brother.

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Wow, I’ve been busy as hell lately, and haven’t had the time nor the inclination to go taking photographs. Actually, that’s not true — the days are getting brighter, and I’m delighted to be able to go out and take some shots in the evening. However, work has kept me so exhausted that I just haven’t bothered. This has got to change.

It’s not been a total loss, though. A couple of weeks ago, myself and my friend Kev travelled to Bonn to visit our friend Toby. Toby’s a mate from years ago, when we were all foreign exchange students studying in Scotland. We got along great, and spent most of our three months over there drinking cheap, awful beer (8 cans of Carlsberg for £5 in the off license! Bottles of XXXX for £1 in the club!) and lusting after Scottish indie girls with their amazing accents.

Since leaving Scotland, I’d only seen Toby once — he visited Ireland while I was on J1 in Chicago, when I didn’t get a chance to see him, and he visited again last summer, when I did. That made two visits from him, while we’d never returned the favour. We considered the situation, and deemed it time to go to Germany.

The fact that Bonn is only half an hour or so away from Köln, and that it was Karneval, was a mere detail…

After a day in which we spent 14 hours drinking across various bars, restaurants, two apartments, and a street, we recovered by visiting the Haribo flagship store in Bonn. The thing is the size of Lidl, and full to the brim with sweets. I was actually paralysed by choice, and couldn’t decide what to get for a good half hour.

They have gummi Arnold Schwarzeneggers.

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Ack, meant to post last week but failed. Had visitors from the east and nor’east, spent the weekend getting into awful states and took about three photos of a game of jenga. Not too productive, all things considered.

Didn’t get to shooting anything during the week either, as I’ve been doing 10-11 hour days since Monday and am now close to physical breakdown. Hence, this old pic. I got it printed out, A4 size, for an exhibition being put together by a few heads in work. Trying to pick out two or three photos that would look well blown up to any sort of big size kinda drove home to me how poor most of my shots were 😀 There’s more work ahead.

Anyway, I’m shattered tired at the moment, and need to get some food and then fall asleep. Ideally, however, I’m going to sneak out for an hour or so later to play with my new acquisition — a Speedlight 430EX II. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with a half-decent flash.

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Christ, I did not realise it’d been an entire month (give or take) since I last posted. The mortification…

Anyway, going through a bit of a drought lately. There’s been no sunshine worth taking the camera out in, and even if there had I’ve no idea what to go and shoot. Not good excuses, but there you go.

In the lack of anything else to point the camera at, I had a go at playing with shallow DOF and shooting a self-portrait. The photo isn’t very interesting but I played around with the post-processing to see what I could do.

More to follow, in less than a month (hopefully).

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Gay Pride

Shot from the Galway Gay Pride parade this afternoon.

I’m hungover — still — from last night, and I think I need the cure.

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Katie hiding behind Benny

I was down home in Waterford at the weekend for the Spraoi Festival, with grand intentions of getting some good photos. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t really work out — with the crowds of kids and families at most of the acts, I felt pretty bad about pushing to the front to take clear pictures. Never mind, I thought, I’ll just get cans. Everybody was happy.

My brother and his girlfriend were just home from 2 weeks in Majorca, and were delighted to be able to palm my wench of a godchild off on Granny and Granddad for a night or two. While she was playing, I tried to get a few candid shots of her, but as soon as the camera came out it was like a little model was in the room, posing away. I didn’t manage to get any half-decent shots that didn’t contain a fake-as-shite grin, but — as she was only too happy to act up for the camera — I did manage to get this shot of her hiding behind her teddy bear, Benny.

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Little Photographer

Little photographer

Yesterday evening, after a day of wandering around and checking out the Arts Fest vibe, I thought I needed a bit of relaxation. I took myself about two hundred yards down the road to soak in the sunshine accompanied by the chilled out dub, soul, funk, and other of the Mr Whippy Soundsystem.
It was a fantastic evening, and I can’t remember the last time I got so much enjoyment out of free entertainment. In fact, having picked up a few cans to go with it, you could say I enjoyed it a little too much. (For the record, I think the second six-pack was probably a bad idea.)

This wee beggar was running around taking photos and enjoying the music as much as the rest of us, so when he pointed his camera at me, I felt it only fair to return the favour.

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Fannon + best hat ever

Fannon + best hat ever, originally uploaded by Landigan.

Saturday 23 May was Heineken Cup Final day, and also the day the boats of the Volvo Ocean Race were due in.

The match was on at 5pm, the boats arrived between 2 and 6am. In between, the boys got themselves in the horrors in a serious fashion.

Leinster’s win in the rugby made Fannon the happiest man in Ireland; his purchase of this Green Dragon hat only made him giddier and turned him into the most obnoxious monstrosity I’ve ever met.


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