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Nipped in the Bud


I know, I know… I’m really, terribly sorry about the awful pun in the title. Unfortunately, it’s very apt.

This evening, not an hour ago, I arrived home from work early. I was determined to take advantage of the blue skies and bright light — despite the beginnings of a headcold — and even spotted a picture that I really wanted to take as I walked home. Unfortunately, about a minute after I stepped back outside, camera in hand, it started raining, and then started hailstoning. Is hailstoning even the correct word?

Anyway, I managed to get a few quick, boring snaps of the various flowers and bushes outside my apartment building before I had to retreat. And naturally, as I sit here typing this post, the rain has gone. Vehemently so — it’s currently evaporating in twists of steam from the balcony outside my window.

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I <3 my nifty fifty


This crop of a much bigger picture shows up a cobweb that I didn’t even see when I was taking the photo. The 50mm f/1.8 is an amazing lens.

In other news, I’m about to declare war on Microsoft. My Xbox 360 has RROD’d. This is not normally a major problem; it’s well-documented at this stage and Microsoft have extended the warranty on the 360 to three years for this particular fault.

However, when you ring Microsoft to arrange a repair/replacement and they cheerfully tell you that your Xbox was purchased in August 2006, a full year before it was actually purchased — indeed, a good nine months before you ever set foot in the city in which it was sold — the tendency is to get aggravated.

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