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Regular Service Continues

Menlough Castle BW2

SoFoBoMo continues… The above being a particular piece of evidence for my progress.

At the moment, my Lightroom SoFoBoMo collection contains about 130 photos. Of these, about 10 or 12 are half-decent, and will make it in to the final product. With 13 days down, and 18 to go, I think I’m on reasonable track for this. However, the current decision of the weather to fall back into the Irish default isn’t helping. (Although, it must be said, the nice dramatic sky rather helps this photo, I think.)

Another problem I’m having is with the subject matter. As I said before, I’m focusing on the river Corrib as it rolls through Galway City. However, some of the locations along the river that I had intended to include in the book don’t really seem to fit the rest. Specifically, I’m talking about NUIG. The few photos I took on a scouting run through here are very steel’n’concrete architectural-style shots, which jars with the undulating riverbanks of most of the other stuff I’ve shot. Still, there’s a few that I quite like, so hopefully I can transition neatly between two styles.

See, I’m learning stuff with this whole SoFoBoMo carry-on!

In other news, the Galway Arts Festival has begun, and I’m looking forward to seeing the meagre couple of things I could afford to go to. I am booked in for The Divine Comedy and a talk by Bret Easton Ellis, but I’m raging my inability to go to productions of Uncle Vanya, Penelope, and a couple of other smaller gigs.

If you’re around Galway, check it out. There’s a load of great stuff on.

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Head is Melted

Freezing Galway (18 of 20)

Title says it all; I’m a bit fried after a heavy and enjoyable weekend. I went up to Dublin for the Passion Pit gig in the Olympia on Saturday. Of course, it was also Rugby Day so I got up nice and early to could head to my friend’s house for an afternoon of drinking, eating, and shouting at the Welsh beforehand.

Fun was had.

This photo is an oldie; I took it on a stroll back during the cold weather in January. I was happy enough with how it turned out, though the composition isn’t great and the dog could be a bit more interesting…

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Ack, meant to post last week but failed. Had visitors from the east and nor’east, spent the weekend getting into awful states and took about three photos of a game of jenga. Not too productive, all things considered.

Didn’t get to shooting anything during the week either, as I’ve been doing 10-11 hour days since Monday and am now close to physical breakdown. Hence, this old pic. I got it printed out, A4 size, for an exhibition being put together by a few heads in work. Trying to pick out two or three photos that would look well blown up to any sort of big size kinda drove home to me how poor most of my shots were 😀 There’s more work ahead.

Anyway, I’m shattered tired at the moment, and need to get some food and then fall asleep. Ideally, however, I’m going to sneak out for an hour or so later to play with my new acquisition — a Speedlight 430EX II. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with a half-decent flash.

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Shiny New Toy


Anyone else notice that the bastard cold we had over the New Year has completely skewed our perceptions of the weather? It’s 9° or 10° out there now and we spent the weekend strolling around practically in shorts. Maybe it was just me… It does feel unseasonably warm out there now, though.

I invested in some new toys for myself in the last few weeks, mainly because I didn’t actually get anything for Christmas. I’m an almost-obsessive researcher of gadgetry, a picky chooser of clothing, an acquirer of suspicious digital media, and a more proliferate reader than anyone in my family. This, having ruled out most of the obvious gifts, makes getting me a present a bit of a pain in the hole. Consequently, I would much rather be given vouchers, so at least I can get what I want.

So — several weeks afterward the non-denominational capitalistic joyfest, I invested in a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro, a polarising filter for said lens, and a Lowepro Slingshot 200AW to lug it all around in.

For some reason that escapes me, but which probably made perfect sense to Currys Purveyors of Fine Electrical Goods, the 200 model was €5 cheaper than the smaller and ‘lower-end’ 100 model. I wasn’t going to complain; I have barely enough kit to make the bag necessary, but they do say to buy a bag that fits what you’ll have in a year’s time.

The weekend came, and I strolled out to Salthill to see what shooting at long focal lengths is like. Turns out it’s pretty fun, actually. It made it a little easier to get shots of people without them throwing you the Look, and the lens throws up some nice soft focus. Might try to get some portraits of people in the near future.

Oh yeah, the photo above is probably the halfest of half-decent shots I got. I need some more practice before I can do anything in any way functional with telephoto lenses.

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Mutton Island

Mutton Island Causeway

It rained today, pretty much for the entire day. It’s still raining now. I guess it’s a bit of a wake-up call to remind us that yes, this is Ireland, and yes, the summer — such as it was — is almost over.

It feels like the weather is saying “Time to get back to business, fuckers.” Possibly, it’s cracking its knuckles at the time.

However, some vestiges of summer remain. For instance, it stopped raining quite so heavily for an hour or two, allowing me to get out of the house for a while and go for a stroll. I got wet, true, but not very wet.

With the wind blasting me in the face and that not-too-annoying misty sort of rain wafting about the sky, I decided it would be a grand day to walk out the Mutton Island Causeway. It made sense at the time.

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Ganesh and Ipod

Ganesh and Ipod, originally uploaded by Landigan.

So right, how to explain this one? The photography group in work has a challenge on photographs of reflections this month, and I was looking around the apartment today for something that would reflect. One of the objects I ended up using was my iPod Touch.

This particular photo doesn’t have the reflection in it (in fact, the iPod in general didn’t reflect very well) but I liked it enough to give it a quick processing and upload it.

Voila, Lord Ganesha, Lord of Beginnings and patron saint of arts and sciences, in a black and white photograph (art!) sitting on one of the most modern forms of consumer electronics (science!).

This is actually a very meaningful and deep photo, you see?

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