Today I Did Something New

St Pats Park Swing 1

Sunshine! Spring! Warm weather!

I don’t think we’re in Ireland anymore.

Wherever we are, I’m not complaining. I was sweating while cycling to college this morning. Sweating! In nothing but a hoodie! (And jeans and shoes and the likes, of course.)

One of my classes in college has an ongoing weekly assignment: we simply have to do something new or different every day, and to write about it. Each week, we take an excerpt from our writings and send it on to the lecturer, along with a photograph that’s somehow related. It’s a great assignment, and it’s something that everyone – regardless of what they do – should try.

The above photo, while nothing spectacular, is my submission for this week. There’s a park near college, beside St. Patrick’s Cathedral, that I have, thus far, failed to enter. I rectified this today, as I took a stroll around to see what it’s like.

Shockingly, it turns out that it’s lovely. The cathedral itself is a beautiful old building, very imposing and graceful, and the park, while small, is laid out really nicely. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s sick of the busyness of Stephen’s Green at lunch time.

I know that as long as it stays dry, I’ll be popping in there more often.


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2 responses to “Today I Did Something New

  1. That’s a really great idea. I think I might give it a try. Minus the sending it to a lecturer, like.
    Class photo, btw.

    • Landigan

      Arrah the photo isn’t much, just taken on the phone and tweaked the curves a bit in PS.

      The doing things differently idea is great though. I highly recommend it. Even if it’s just small things, going out of your way to consciously do something different is very interesting.