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[Buoy on Salthill Strand, January 2010]

Done! Sorted! Yeah!

Well, ‘not done’ is more accurate, but ‘sorted’ works. In the manner of all epiphanies, I settled on my SoFoBoMo topic while strolling aimlessly about the other evening.

It’s tentatively titled On the Corrib and I want to start upriver, following the River Corrib downstream through Galway City, photographing both the river itself and some of the landmarks upon its banks.

This serves a dual purpose: I’m going to re-take photos of some Galway landmarks that I haven’t done justice to before now, and I’m going to spend the month really studying this beautiful city.

I do this because, come September, I’ll be leaving for Dublin to study for a Masters.

Part of me is excited — I’m looking forward to doing this new course, and a lot of friends who I don’t get to see very often live in Dublin — and part of me is a bit regretful about it.

Galway is, hands-down, the nicest place I’ve lived in this country. It’s a laid-back, friendly, cultured city where the emphasis is strictly on enjoying life instead of falling victim to the rat race. That’s a clichéd statement if ever there was one, but it’s really true in Galway’s case. They don’t call it the graveyard of ambition for nothing, and if empirical evidence is more your thing, it’s hard to argue with the wealth of unemployed crusties playing bongos on a sunny day.

However, all things must pass, and after three great years here, it’s time for me to move on. I’m just thankful that I’ve got one more summer left here before I go.

And as I’ve said before, ain’t nowhere like Galway in the summer.


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3 responses to “Oscar Mike

  1. That photograph is beautiful m’dear.

    Galway is a great place so at least you know you’ll have the chance to go back and visit no?

  2. Landigan

    Ah yeah, I’ll definitely spin back down for visits.

    I have a weird feeling I posted that photo before, but the computer was running really slowly and I didn’t want to go back through old posts to check. Oh, laziness.

  3. Congrats on the masters dude! Galway will miss you.